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How to Build Full Body Strength

How to Build Full Body Strength

Do you refer to your workouts as “Leg Day”, “Arm Day” or “Chest Day”? If so you are probably following a body building style hypertrophy split. I’ve done them in the past too. If you open up a muscle magazine or go to bodybuilding.com they will be the featured workouts. They can be effective, especially… Continue Reading

Premeditated Fitness Free Online Resource Guide

Google Fitness, Nutrition, or Strength Training. How many results do you get? Hundreds of millions. Even more refined searches like “Police Fitness” or “Strength Training blogs” bring back millions of hits. I don’t know about you, but I never look past the first page of google results. The information you are seeking is out there,… Continue Reading

Warm-Ups: The Secret to Preventing Injuries

An effective warm up routine is great tool for preventing injuries. When it comes to exercise topics, discussing warming up is not a sexy topic. However having an effective warm up with targeted goals can prevent injury and better prepare you for your workout. Some days it can be tempting to skip warming up all… Continue Reading

Memorial Day Metabolic Conditioning

Before you hit the BBQ and load up on burgers and beer, give this metabolic conditioning workout a go and jump start some fat burning!   All you need is a field that is between 30 and 50 yards. A kettlebell helps but isn’t mandatory. 10 x Goblet Squats (or body weight squats if you… Continue Reading

Introduction to the Kettlebell Swing

Introduction to the Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the exercises that both Dan John and Bret Contreras recommended for law enforcement officers. The swing is a fantastic exercise. It’s a great form of cardio that burns fat and strengths your posterior chain.   What’s so great about the Kettlebell Swing? I’ve discussed the 6 Areas of Fitness that… Continue Reading

Introduction to the Goblet Squat

Goblet Squats are one of the exercises that Dan John recommend for Police Officers. The Benefits of Goblet Squats Learn proper form: If you are new to deep squatting, goblet squats are a fantastic way to safely and effectively learn the movement. Stepping up into a squat rack to learn how to squat can be… Continue Reading

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