New Year, New Resolution: Make Healthy Changes in 2017

The first week of 2017 is over. How are your resolutions holding up?

The New Year is a great time for reflection and making positive self-improvements. Each year many people ring in the new year by making resolutions to get fit, eat healthy, or lose fat. The vast majority of these resolutions are given up on before Valentine’s day and as a result resolutions are synonymous with failure and half-hearted attempts.

Resolutions often fail because they are made on a whim or with very little planning. Resolutions are often based more in wishful thinking than rooted in reality. Making healthy lifestyle changes can be hard work, and when things get difficult you’re going to need more than a whimsical promise to keep you on course.

If you want to successfully make healthy lifestyle changes in 2017, ditch the resolutions.

Make goals instead.

Premeditated Fitness will feature a series of articles this month on setting goals and developing the framework to make sure you achieve those goals. This month we will cover:

  • SMART Goals
  • How to use Short-Term Goals to Achieve Long-Term Goals
  • Systems – How to set up the framework for achieving your goals
  • Habits – How to automate your systems and stop relying on willpower or motivation.

These articles will be rolling out all month, but if you are ready to start NOW and don’t want to wait, here are some good places to start:

9 Keys for Taking a Tactical Approach to your Fitness Plan – I wrote this for PoliceOne last January and it’s a good place to start.

But if you want to really dive deep into goal setting, developing healthy habits, and being more productive, James Clear is who you want to read.

If you only read one other article on goals all year, make it this one:

Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals

Where do you want to be on 1/1/2018? What is the ONE thing you want to achieve with your physical health or fitness this year that is the MOST important thing? Start thinking about these questions, and we’ll set up goals to help you get there in the next article.

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