How I’m Currently Training: Training Snapshot Q1 2017

How I’m Currently Training: Training Snapshot Q1 2017

Many articles on this site discuss the merits of different training programs. As a result I often get emails from readers asking which program I am currently using. This is a “snapshot” of my current training and I will update with followups quarterly. I will keep these snapshots relatively brief. If you have questions, shoot me an email or post the question in the comments below.

Everyday, training or not, I start the day with Original Strength’s movement resets. It’s a five minute routine that involves rolling, rocking, nodding, and crawling. On training days I complete the routine again as part of my warm up. I’ve been using Original Strength’s resets for a few years now and feel they are the perfect cure for all of the time police officers spend seated in a cruiser. They also just recently released Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete.

My current focus: Minimum Effective Dose Training. 12 hour shifts, a baby, and moving are making it difficult for me to complete long training sessions. Instead, I am dicing my training up into 2 or 3 15-to-20 Minute training sessions each day.

GPP: My general physical preparedness training program of choice is Pavel Tsatsouline’s Simple & Sinister. I have reviewed the book and program in the past on this site. The program calls for 100 kettlebell swings and 5 Turkish Get-Ups. The program takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and I split the swings and TGUs up into two different training sessions and do swings right after I wake up and have coffee and TGUs after my shift or before bed on off days.

Current working weights: Swings: 32kg, TGUs: 28kg


Strength Training: Daily Dose Deadlift Plan. I am deadlifting almost everyday, but the intensity and volume are both very low. Most days I am only pulling 5 singles of 75% of my max. I am enjoying this program a lot (hell I get to deadlift daily, that alone is awesome), and I will write a full review of the program once I have completed a few cycles.

Current working weight: I’m using 365 as an estimated max for the first cycle.

If you want to follow my training in detail, I keep a daily training log on the Strong First Forums. Only catch is the training log section is a “members only” area, you can’t view the thread unless you sign up (it’s free). My log is underthe  Training Logs Members Only section and titled “Premeditated Fitness”.


Now you know what programs I am following. What program are you following? Tell me about it in the comments or email me about it.

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  1. Hey George. Im currently 32 and im almost exactly where you were at that age. Im looking to purchase a kettlebell so I can get started. Back in high school and half of college I was an avid power lifter and I was wondering what size kettlebell I should start with. I also work night shift (12 hour shift). I recently downloaded your book and am currently 62 pages in. My diet is now improving and want to start tackling the fat loss. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Frank. Purchasing a kettlebell is a great next step in your journey (and gives you tons of quick workout options when dealing with 12 hour shifts). I’d recommend starting by purchasing the book “Simple & Sinister” by Pavel Tsatsouline. He’s the coach who brought Kettlebells to the west and the head of the company StrongFirst. S&S provides basic instructions on the swing and the turkish get-up, the two most beneficial kettlebell exercises, and the program contained in the book only takes about 20 minutes. It will build strength and help with fat loss.

      In the book Pavel recommends most males start with 2 bells, a 16 kg and 24 kg. If you are looking for recommendations, I usually use Rogue Fitness kettlebells, but Kettlebell Kings bells are similarly priced and of the same quality – see which is more affordable with shipping for you.

      I’d also recommend visiting they have a ton of great articles to get you started and the forum is very helpful if you want to post form videos or ask specific questions and get answers from a certified trainer.

      Finally, it’s worth the time and money to find a certified kettlebell trainer near you for a few one-on-one lessons. You can easily learn the swing and get up in a couple training sessions with hands on coaching. StrongFirst’s site has a coach locator tool. If there isn’t a StrongFirst coach near you, an RKC trainer is another great option. RKC trainers can be found at

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. George@

  2. Thank you for getting back to me. I will start with all of those. I will definitely get ahold of you if I have any more questions

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