Duty Swings: June 1st Start Date

Duty Swings: June 1st Start Date

Duty Swings Challenge: Starting Tuesday June 1st

The May 1st start for The Duty Swings Fitness Challenge didn’t work. I started the month with a cold that put me out of commission from exercise for a few weeks. The Duty Swings Challenge will be taking place in June.


Starting June 1st, complete 1 set of 10 kettlebell swings for every hour you are on duty for the entire month.

  • 8 Hour Shift = 80 Swings (8 sets of 10 swings)
  • 10 Hour Shift = 100 Swings (10 sets of 10 swings)
  • 12 Hour Shift = 120 Swings (12 sets of 10 swings)


I’ve done Duty Swings for the past 2 weeks and found that they work best when you do half of your sets before shift, and the second half when you get off duty. The first half gets the blood pumping before you start work, and the second half after the shift will help loosen your hips up from all the time sitting in the cruiser.

The Duty Swings Challenge starts Tuesday June 1st. A detailed How-to Swing round up article will be up on Monday May 31st to help you dial in your form.

Duty swings are coming. Are you in?



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