Book Review: Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete

Book Review: Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete

“When all else fails, Press Reset.” – Original Strength

The Original Strength system has been a staple of my training for years. The system focuses on using developmental movement patterns to unlock reflexive strength and allow you to “Press Reset”. In layman’s terms, we sit A LOT and as a results our bodies have forgotten how to move properly. The Original Strength System utilizes movements you used as a child to build strength, regain movement, and possibly even remove pain. In 2014 I was sidelined for 2 weeks with a tweaked back. Original Strength is one of the reasons I am now pain free. Pressing Reset  is the foundation of the Original Strength System and a fantastic book. However it is aimed at the general public. I’ve always felt that Original Strength offered unique advantages to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and the Military that is not covered in Pressing Reset. Also, it’s not easy to convince police officers that what they need is to roll, crawl, and rock – the Original Strength System just doesn’t look “tough” on first glance. Luckily, Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete was released last month to fill in the missing links.

Original Strength for Tactical Athletes is authored by Chad Faulkner, an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division, and co-authored by Tim Anderson, one of the founders of Original Strength. Faulkner describes throughout the book how Original Strength has benefited him in his military career. The book describes why tactical athletes need Original Strength and reviews the basic exercises, or Resets, that make up the Original Strength System.

Original Strength for Tactical Athletes is unique from the original Pressing Reset text by including a few chapters specifically for Tactical Athletes. There are chapters on Original Strength for Marksmanship and Original Strength for the Warrior’s Mindset. The most valuable chapter in the book is Working Out with Original Strength. In this chapter, Faulkner shows you how to determine the most physically demanding tasks that you perform on duty, and how to use Original Strength to train for those tasks. Faulkner also gives you all of his Original Strength workouts. These workouts can be used to supplement your current Strength Training, or function as your only physical training methods.

I firmly believe that Original Strength is a fantastic system for all police officers. We spend a lot of time seated in cruisers and wear heavy duty belts. Both of these factors lead to police officers having infamously bad back problems. Original strength will help you prevent or combat those back problems.

If Original Strength is new to you, pick this book up ASAP and start working the Resets into your daily routine. You’ll notice the difference quickly.

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