Are you in Fighting Shape?

It’s been a dangerous summer for cops. Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Nice all happening¬†in less than two weeks make it painfully clear that we are being targeted by extremists from abroad and at home. We are at war and it’s time to get in fighting shape.

If you are targeted, being fit won’t help your body stop a rifle round. But it will help you move quicker so that you can find cover and return fire. More importantly, if you are struck and left in critical condition fighting for your life in a hospital bed, having a well tuned cardiovascular system may be what helps you pull through and get home to your family.

We all lead busy lives, and the schedule of police work makes it easy to let fitness routines fall by the wayside. The stress and food options of the job make getting out of shape a struggle for many officers. It’s time to make physical fitness a priority again.

If you are an shape, keep doing what’s working for you. If you are out of shape, start eating healthy, pick a fitness program, and start getting back in shape today. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, start today. If you need advice, shoot me an email at

Get to the range, wear your vest, watch your six, and stay safe out there.

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