Are you still in Academy Shape?

Are your workouts helping you perform better on duty?

Is your diet helping you achieve your goals?

I’m George Vrotsos and these are all questions I asked myself a few years ago. At the time my answers were all “NO”. It was five years after I had graduated from the police academy, and I had let myself get fat. I had an incident where a handcuffed felon ran from me and almost got away because I was so slow. If he wasn’t cuffed, I never would have caught him. I was embarrassed and I decided I needed a change. I tried getting back in shape by doing what I did in my 20s – eating and lifting like a body builder. I had some initial success but stalled quickly. I realized I needed to learn more about healthy eating and efficient training to get permanent results. I spent a lot of time researching different training methods and nutrition plans and finally found something that worked for me. I quickly lost 40 pounds, almost 10 inches off my waistline, and gained a ton of strength. I didn’t just get back in academy shape…I was in BETTER shape than I’d ever been in my entire life.


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And here I am in 2014

I follow the same nutrition and training plans today and I am still seeing improvements in my strength, conditioning and physique years later. I’ve become very passionate about nutrition and exercise and I want to share the strategies that I have used for success with all police officers.

It is critical that Police Officers maintain a high level of physical fitness. Some progressive departments provide officers with monetary incentives and fitness programs to stay in shape. Unfortunately many departments leave it up to officers to figure out fitness on their own. The fitness industry is full of gurus selling magic pills, crash diets, and the latest fads that do not work. They don’t want you to know that the formula for success is not a secret.  Premeditated Fitness is here to cut through the confusion and help you achieve your fitness goals so that you can be a strong, lean, powerful, agile, and enduring officer.


The formula for success is not a secret.

Performance Based Training + Eating Healthy Real Food = Success

Premeditated Fitness will show you how to

  • Maximize your results and minimize your time in the gym.
  • Stay motivated; even when you are beat after a long shift.
  • Train to perform better on the job and look good in a uniform.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Get better training results by eating healthy whole foods – and how to do it without spending a fortune.
  • Increase measurable on-the-job skills such as Strength, Speed, Mobility and Endurance

Do you want to burn fat and get stronger?

Deciding that you want something is great, but taking the first step requires action. Start burning fat and building muscle today by eating healthy. When it comes to fitness, nutrition is responsible for 80% of your results. The saying “You are what you eat” could not be more true. Start eating healthy today. Sign up for the Premeditated Fitness email list and I will send you a free copy of Eating Healthy on Duty. Part of the reason I got out of shape was because I let myself eat whatever I wanted on duty. I felt that I was working hard and I didn’t have the time to plan healthy eating. I found that learning to eat healthy while I was working made eating healthy off duty a breeze. Once I was eating healthy, my results -both in fat loss and strength gain- went through the roof exponentially.  Pick up a copy of Eating Healthy on Duty today and I will show you:

  • Recipes for inexpensive, delicious, and portable lunches for work that promote burning fat and building muscle.
  • A guide for how to eat healthy at restaurants, fast food places, and gas stations for those times when you can’t pack a lunch.
  • Tips for Success: Proven methods that helped me achieve my fat loss and strength gain goals.


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As a thank you for joining Premeditated Fitness I will also send you the Premeditated Fitness Online Resource Guide. The guide is filled with links to all the blogs, videos, tools and podcasts that I use when I want fitness or nutrition information. The internet is filled with information. This guide boils it down to what I believe is the best of the best and includes over 50 links with descriptions of each. Join Premeditated Fitness today and I will email this Guide to you along with Eating Healthy On Duty.


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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, dietitian, or personal trainer. Consult your doctor before starting any fitness or nutrition plan.